Landscape design for dogs portland oregon

Landscape design for dogs portland oregon

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Daily Hive Kenneth Chan. The plan for the dog park already includes a secure fence around the off-leash area and the installation of a new public washroom. Public feedback is currently being sought on the programming within the dog park, such as amenities and play fixtures for dogs. The current space is worn down from high use and lacks physical boundaries, amenities, and facilities. Not entirely dissimilar to the setup for the Superdogs shows made famous at the PNE Fair, the new dog park could have agility features, including tunnels, ramps, boulders, poles, and other custom-designed equipment.

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Portland, Beaverton, Sherwood, West Linn & Lake Oswego

From the backyard to the front, from the planting strip to the rooftop, no unpaved part of Portland has been safe from gardeners.

The luggage hauled in the wagons on the Oregon Trail included everything from our prized strawberries to cuttings of our namesake rose. Over the decades, we built a Japanese and a Chinese garden that know no rivals outside their countries of origin. Meanwhile, the Willamette Valley chapter of Tilth designed an organic certification program in that eventually became the model for the nation.Today, a walk through virtually any neighborhood will attest to how seriously Portland home gardeners take their yards.

The sopping winters and bone-dry summers had the savviest digging up their lawns years before water-conscious xeriscaping became a civic mandate in many American cities. In the following pages, we present a modest guide both for those who aspire to be the ultimate Portland gardener and for those who already are, but just want to refine their chops. Download this handy list of plants, nurseries, and other resources.

But of our 50 tips, 1 requires nothing more than a shovel to …. Ditch the lawn. There are quite enough junipers and barberries in the world, thank you. Dig even deeper by asking your favorite nurseries how they find their most exciting new plants. Cacti and succulents are au courant among Stumptown gardeners.

Get started with tough, addictively collectible little sedums and hens and chicks Sempervivum. Push your acumen further with cold-hardy yucca and paddle cactus Opuntia. Then go all the way with tender yet striking container plants, including Echeveria , aloe, and Aeonium —plants worth shuttling in and out again every year.

We may think of bananas, palms, loquat, and passion vine as far too tender for Portland, but there are sturdy varieties that thrive in the Pacific Northwest. Banana Musa basjoo , tough palms Trachycarpus fortunei , passion vine Passiflora caerulea , and loquat Eriobotrya japonica lend a thrillingly exotic look to your garden while requiring less care and attention than turf grass.

Just drag them inside in the fall and then back out in the spring to watch them explode into growth. Plant in a warm spot in half to full sun, with rich soil, summer water, and good drainage. Local gardeners know a secret about Portland winters: the dark and dreary is nothing more than background for eye-enchanting color.For bright golds, reds, and oranges, plant witch hazel; for pinks, red, and glistening white, go with winter camellias; for buttercup yellow, try winter hazel; hellebores make pinks, purples, pale yellows, peaches, and whites; and cyclamen blooms pale to hot pink.

For knockout fragrance, plant winter-blooming honeysuckle and viburnum, winter sweet, sweet box, and daphne. For a more subtle beauty, try winter-blooming clematis, early spiketail, and silktassel.

Inspired by Europe, Portlanders are exploring the beauty and ecological benefits of green roofs and living walls, whether atop government buildings like the Metro headquarters or stylish hot spots like Hotel Modera, where cocktails are served next to an eye-level patch of cliff-dwelling plants.

Start with easy-to-install Woolly Pockets, or go to pros like Living Elements Landscape, who specialize in greening small spaces. The Hardy Plant Society of Oregon is geek central for hobnobbing, seed-sharing, and lectures by renowned gardeners.

I was born and raised in Portland, but moved to the Bay Area and, there, served as a curator of the Berkeley Botanical Garden. When I moved back home to Portland, I found a wonderful and large established horticultural industry that catered to the East Coast rather than to us.

Portland was still developing a garden style of its own. I started Cistus because it was hard to find Willamette Valley native plants without going to California! Pushing the horticultural boundaries can be rediscovering what we have in our own backyard. You can grow cool plants for all kinds of effects —tropical, rain forest, alpine, desert, whatever flora you want—but that are better adapted. What we have to discover and play with in our region is still so fun.

Soil: Most urban soils need better drainage. Chop in some pumice for dry-land plants, or compost for woodland plants.Plants: Go ahead, try palms, banana, pomegranate, agaves, evergreen oaks, and other fun plants that remind us that we live on the West Coast! MAP IT. Every yard has a variety of different growing environments, or microclimates. A great way to plan your garden is by sketching a map.

Take a monthly walk through your yard for a year, noting south- and west-facing walls that reflect heat, sunny spots that will dry out, and shady areas destined to stay damp into late spring. With a detailed map to work with, a good horticultural professional can offer advice on what to plant where. In the quest for striking plant combinations, even the best designers forget this rule.

Picture a desert oasis in your yard—with a lushly planted core beside the spring your hose bib or downspouts , surrounded by progressively more drought-tolerant plantings toward the edges. Plant less hardy types in portable containers. Avoid zero-scaping by planting luscious, wildlife-attracting plants, including perennials like California fuchsia Zauschneria , shrubs like manzanita, grasses like Stipa giganteum , and our summer drought-loving native madrone tree.

Instead, go with damp-loving species: red-twigged dogwood Cornus sericeus and sweet flag Acorus gramineus , both of which love life under a downspout or marshy areas. How much we should combat invasive species is a hot issue in our region. But nobody can deny that English ivy, blackberry, and a handful of other exotic weeds encroach on native habitat and overtake more desirable plants. Take the time to learn about which plants are invasive in our area and remove them from your own garden.

SOLV offers excellent information and volunteer opportunities. It comes into play when I garden at home and at work. Of course, everyone gets seduced by plants—I still do— but I really try to learn about each of them.Where did it come from? Can I provide it with similar conditions? Look at soil conditions, drainage, sun and shade, as well as local climate. Plants: For dry areas, select plants from regions that have wet winters and dry summers: types of Ceanothus , manzanitas Arctostaphylos , yuccas, penstemon, salvia, and California fuchsia Zauschneria.

Why should only humans admire your garden? The best home for birds and pollinators is a diverse one. Plant in layers, with open patches of soil for ground-foraging birds, knee-high perennial flowers for seed head and perches the flexible, wandlike stems of lilies seem to be favorites , and shoulder-level thickets of shrubs with an open habitat not tightly clipped for cover and nesting.

Grow trees for absolutely everything. Grow plants that provide seeds asters and nectar fuchsia for a more eclectic set of neighbors. Plant old-fashioned echinacea and sunflower, and birds will pick seed right off the plant. Native fruiting shrubs like snowberry and huckleberry provide birds with a buffet. Plant nectar-rich red flowering currant for spring, Phygelius for summer, fuchsia for fall, and winter-flowering mahonia if you want the hummingbirds around all year long.

Consider making a loose brush pile in an out-of-the-way spot to offer shelter and nesting for smaller birds. Head over to the Portland Audubon Society or to the Backyard Bird Shop to find the specific kind of bird feeders and nesting boxes that will attract the species you want hanging out in your yard.

These and other solitary bees pollinate fruit trees, small fruit, and vegetables, thereby improving yields. You can buy or make nesting cubes, or simply leave dry, sunny banks of soil free of vegetation. For more information, consult the Xerces Society website xerces. After I was in architecture school, I saw that something had to be done about the environmental problems we were facing. At the time, I was sitting in front of a computer in an office all day.I wanted to do more.

So I started to work with people to solve environmental problems in their own spaces. We select plants to provide habitat for insects, which will then draw native birds, frogs, snakes, and other creatures. Why snakes and frogs? They keep mosquitoes down. And frogs sound great! Each project gives me a chance to educate people on what they can do environmentally in their own yards. Naturescaping is not necessarily low-maintenance, although it can be.

But it is a step toward repairing the environmental problems we face as a society. Plant: Opt for natives in groups of 3 to 5 for each variety. For the choices best suited for your neighborhood, visit portland?

The best art can come from your own basement. Dig up that old bike or lamp shade to reincarnate the perfect trellis, planter, or decoration. Elevate that exquisite stone figurine from Thailand on a pedestal to make an outdoor altar. That lovely gnarled branch you gleaned on a beach trip? Set it in a garden bed and add a little vine like Clematis integrifolia or sweet peas.

Beautiful, funny, funky, or elegant—custom-made art makes a great conversation starter. Support your local artists. Pieces run the gamut from lowbrow repurposed punched tin-can lanterns to upscale recycled metal installation pieces.

Art needs to rise to the occasion of the outdoors. Think big or in multiples, especially with small pieces, which can disappear into the foliage or landscape. Think about your garden as a painting, whether seen from your front stoop or from a chair through a window. Place art within your fondest views. Keep plantings simple around fussy art. Modern objects look great with bold, monochromatic plantings. A colorfully painted birdhouse will be enhanced by voluptuous, old-fashioned cottage garden flowers like foxgloves, daisies, love-in-a-mist, and black-eyed Susan.

So I tried some little shoes.

Muddy paws oswego

G D Plumbing and Heating. Total package. May - Mar years 11 months.Call TelKbar Ranch Hours. More than 1, children in Northeast Missouri will receive gifts through the Toys for Tots program this holiday season. Write a review.

The plan for the dog park already includes a secure fence around the The Portland Loo, designed and manufactured by an Oregon company.

The Quintessential Portland Gardener

Advanced Search. A small group of Biologists who design and create naturally functioning and highly aesthetic aquatic habitats across North America for clients ranging from homeowners, to resorts, parks, real estate developments and public lands. Our waters range from natural swimming ponds with surrounding natural landscapes up to fishing lakes and streams. City: Tualatin. State: OR. Zip:Phone Number:Tags: amphibians , Biologists , creeks , fish , frogs , Lakes , native plants , natural , natural meadows , Ponds , rain gardens , stormwater , Streams , swales , trophy , trout , wetlands , wildflowers. Blue Whale Sprinkler Service. Irrigation Installation Portland.

Pomarius Nursery Home

Urban environments are dominated by pavement, the bane of most living things. One area ripe for community greening is the hellstrip — the narrow space between the sidewalk and street curb. Sometimes planted in grass, filled with weeds, mulch or simply bare trampled earth, this public space could be planted with tough native plants. Let us reclaim this forgotten territory and create some native habitat that will cool ground temperatures, absorb and filter rainwater, support pollinators, and bring a smile to the passersby!

Photos by Sara Wright Photography. There is always more to learn that can be applied to the next growing season, and the books section at Livingscape has the best information out there.

Landscape Design Cost

Landscape Design for a new custom Craftsman Home. All designs begin with an onsite consult to determine your needs, and to help you realize the complete vision for your landscape.Design takes into consideration: site conditions, existing trees, shrubs, and built infrastructure, site uses, views and neighboring elements. Then, we develop a planting plan. A planting plan includes:. In most Portland communities, tree protection is required during building-construction, as well as landscape construction for new home builds and major remodels.


City Bark Detroit is making it cute, cozy, and cool to support small businesses. Detroit gifts have signature swag for even the furry friends. Detroitisit continues to bring a Holiday Gift Guide highlighting gift ideas for the whole family from local Detroit businesses. City Bark in Detroit is the place to shop for all of your holiday gift needs for pets! From a new bed to holiday-themed dog toys and accessories, City Bark has everything you need to bring joy to every member of the household, especially your furry friends!

From installing irrigation systems, building retaining walls, solving drainage problems and carefully selecting plant materials, our talented team will.

How to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Garden

Owners Christie and Scott Mackison started Shooting Star Nursery in , with the vision of supplying a wide range of plants, personal service, and reasonable prices to customers in the Rogue Valley. Shooting Star offers a broad selection of trees and hard-to-find perennials and shrubs to satisfy the plant nerd inside us , as well as the more common landscape plants. We grow many of our trees in rootmaker bags which create a superior root system and can be dug most of the year.

Land surveyor tacoma

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Muddy paws oswego. Hours may change under current circumstances. Our Artificial Turf provides … The combination of selections you've made is not available for this brand.We treat your pets like they are our own! We have been providing consistent, excellent service for the past 42 years.

Face coverings are required in indoor public spaces and many outdoor spaces. State policy Access City programs, people and projects helping Portland recover.

Landscape Architecture Services

Modern house architecture features a repetition of minimal shapes that form dynamic exteriors. A combination of expansive hardscaped areas and mostly evergreen plants will provide the foundation for a distinctive landscape design for a modern house. In the pictured landscapes shrubs of different heights and small accent trees frame the foundation of these foursquare homes. Read the article in Oregon Home Magazine to see one of our pet friendly designs and get dog friendly landscape tips! Take note of the asymmetrical geometric planes, simple flat roof lines, and how the large glass panel windows offer natural light and a connection with the outdoors. In the pictured landscapes, designed by Harmony Design Northwest in Portland, OR, classic landscaping with evergreen shrubs and small accent trees enhance the charm of these Portland tudor homes.

With the right perspective, gardens can be as enjoyable for pets as they are for their owners. Sooner and Mr. Whiskers, two multibreed rescue dogs, spent their young lives at the end of a chain.

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