Abc lawn care landscape

Abc lawn care landscape

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Abc lawn care landscape design and management

Quality Lawn Care Since 1997

Lawn Care is a fine art. Done well, it can not only transform your back yard into a natural oasis that’s a pleasure to walk in, it can do the same for your family. If you have a good lawn, you’ll have a fine, healthy family. But you must know how to take care of it to get the best result. Fortunately, it’s not all that hard.

Tips for your first year of lawn care:

Get a good recommendation. Your property maintenance company can help, but you ll have to ask around and find a few people to check them out. Someone else s experience can give you insight you may not get from your own yard.

Ask about a lawn care plan. Do they have a written plan? If so, how long will it take you? What will you be doing in each step of the way?

Ask about the services and costs. How long has the service person worked for them? How many lawns have they worked on? Are their rates reasonable? How much time do they spend doing each job?

How soon will they be back? They should be there within a day or two if your call is in the early afternoon.

Check the crew for your first visit. Watch the work as the person works. This will give you a sense of the person s skills and experience. Be careful not to be discouraged by their flaws, which will be obvious from a distance.

Do not wait to call or call back if you have any issues or concerns during the first visit. It is easier to be over-impatient than under-impressed, and they may have been able to correct the situation.

Look at your yard before they come back. If they did not get an idea of how your yard is cared for, it is likely they will not get a good idea of how to care for it. But they should be able to tell you what is normal.

Come with a list of expectations.If they are going to mow your grass, make sure it is at a uniform height. Get an estimate of how long they think it will take.

Do not be concerned about what you were told last time. The plan will have been modified by the end of each year, and probably more often. Come prepared to discuss each issue. If you do not, you are guaranteed not to get what you want.

Good lawn care begins with a good system. It requires constant attention and maintenance, but it is well worth the time. It is true that lawns will look better if you just cut the grass and mulch. But it’s not true that it can be done without a good system.

Watch for symptoms of a problem before it gets to that point. Have you noticed that the grass is darker than usual or the that it has died down? Is your lawn crabgrass or some other weeds taking over? Do you have fewer colorful plants?

Get a qualified professional to analyze your lawn. You’ll pay more for a good diagnosis. Get a couple of different opinions, if you can, but you have to get the advice of an expert.

Sign up for grass fertilizer and weed control recommendations from a reliable manufacturer.

What you need to get your lawn to look great:

The basic tools of the trade.

It is difficult to argue with that, but it will not work without some knowledge and effort on your part. Get a good lawn care manual and make sure you know what to do.

Get the basics down. Lawns can be mowed at different heights and different frequencies. Find out what works best for you. Once you know what you can safely do, you can find the precise schedule that best works for your budget.

Curb the weeds. It is the most neglected aspect of lawn care, but that is what they are for. Clean out the weeds and discolored areas. You can hand weed if you prefer, or if you can’t wait for the machines to do the job.

Mow the lawn. Get the height where it mows well for you.This is especially important if you have raised beds, fences or anything that makes it hard to mow the grass down.

Mulch your lawn. It is as important as mowing your grass. Mulching keeps the grass from drying out, and it also helps conserve moisture.

Continue to educate yourself about lawn care. Every year, you should take some time to review all of the new things you know about. You don’t want to know what you don’t know, and with an informed lawn care system in place, you won’t have to.

Lawn care is hard work. If you put in a good effort now, you will have a healthy, attractive lawn for the next several years.

Choose a landscape management company that gets the job done and doesn’t gouge you for their time and materials. There are some grass services around, but don’t be lulled by advertisements that make claims without giving good results. Just because a company can cut grass doesn’t mean they know what they are doing.

If you think it might be a good idea to do the lawn mowing yourself, make sure you get the tools and equipment you need to make the job efficient and effective. Then, after you have put in the time to learn the skill