Winter landscape

Winter landscape

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This post will show you how to capture amazing winter landscape shots and relieve that cabin fever. Winter brings sub-zero temperatures, the threat of frostbite, and red noses. And amazing winter landscape photos. All you need are a few winter landscape photography tips. Your camera, a wide-angle lens and, for long exposures , a tripod. But there are a few specific winter gear tips.

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Clear light, bare trees and solitude make for memorable winter experiences, as our tipsters found from Northern Ireland to northern Italy. My favourite winter landscape is the woodland at Mugdock country park north of Glasgow. But winter is the time to see the trees — their gnarled, twisted, moss-covered branches reaching out in every direction to grab at you. Battles were fought here between the Picts and the Britons, and witches were drowned in the lake. Whatever direction snowstorms come from, they often seem to peter out before reaching Cambridgeshire.

I savour the rare occurrence of a significant dollop of snow.A few years ago, I was able to enjoy the aftermath of one such occasion when running along an ancient track known as the Mare Way. This follows a ridge above the villages of Little and Great Eversden. The extensive views towards Cambridge on one side and Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire on the other were accentuated by hoar frost-encrusted trees and waves of white fields.

Still waiting for that magic combo to happen again! Sharon Pinner. Every week we ask our readers for recommendations from their travels. A selection of tips will be featured online and may appear in print. To enter the latest competition visit the readers' tips homepage. The Mourne Mountains are a windswept winter joy. The less-travelled trails, like Spelga dam to Fofanny dam take you through bracken and heather-brown moorland grazed by sheep, through mountain streams and up on to the broad-rolling hilltops, from which you can see Belfast and the sparkle of Lough Neagh to the north, the Cooley peninsula to the south, and across the Irish Sea glimpses of the Isle of Man.

The air is crystal-cold and the solitude tell someone where you are going and estimated return time as profoundly peaceful as the views are exhilarating. Clare Archbold. The frost highlighted the exposed, weathered rings and bark of the log, rendering it almost jewel-like. The sunlight was golden and streaming through the abbey ruins, lighting it gloriously. It was picture-postcard beautiful and we were the only people there.

The site is currently closed because of Covid. Phil Nash. We tackled the tallest of the Yorkshire Three Peaks on the winter solstice, on a day when snow clouds hung heavy, creating a permanent gloaming light. The impressive Ribblehead Viaduct runs alongside the cascading River Ribble before the steep climb up imposing Whernside. A blizzard started as we reached the summit, and we hunkered down behind the trig point to warm up with a flask of tea.

Braving the elements once more, the snow was knee-high, but the fast descent beneath the clouds revealed the path and panoramic views over the Dales. The viaduct always a welcome navigational landmark to guide us back to the start of this circular walk. NB: This should only be attempted by experienced winter walkers.

Vanessa Wright. From the Old Dungeon Ghyll hotel at the end of the Langdale valley you can see a bowl of Lakeland hills. To your left is Pike of Bliscoe. Dead ahead is Bowfell, stretching before you.

Between them are the jagged teeth of Crinkle Crags. A combination of any two peaks can be done — by experienced walkers — in six hours. On return, eat and drink at the hotel bar, sitting by the black fire range if possible. Simon Laing. This is one of the loneliest and most tranquil corners of England. The headgear of Grove Rake mine in the otherwise empty Rookhope Burn valley, Durham, is particularly striking.

Previously a location for Oliver Twist and Jane Eyre adaptations, Alston, the regional capital, which is 17 miles to the west of Rookhope, in Cumbria, shares with Buxton, Derbyshire, a claim to being the highest market town in England, and nearby is the highest classified road.

Paul Kirkwood. Brace yourself for big skies, weather watching and wildfowl at the Ouse Washes. This spectacular bleak and watery world stretches from Cambridgeshire to Norfolk. The mile-wide strip of grassland between the Old Bedford and New Bedford rivers holds shallow flood water, creating perfect conditions for thousands of wildfowl.

A big freeze brings recreational ice-skating and championships. Have a go, hands-behind-your-back style. Stay until sunset when the swans go to roost. During long freezing snaps there can be skating at Earith and Bluntisham at Bury Fen every few years. Jo Sinclair. These bold, brash mountains are young geologically speaking, hence their stunning shape and texture.

Nigel Cox.Every bend along the E4 motorway came with new delight; vast swathes of snow-covered dense forest, open expanses of frozen lakes, and glimpses of Scandinavian architecture that made up the beginning of the city. For the entire journey, my book remained closed. Jemima Childs. Bleak midwinter … Mugdock country park near Glasgow is full of atmosphere at this time of year. Photograph: Alamy. Winning tip: Bare trees and dark history, near Glasgow My favourite winter landscape is the woodland at Mugdock country park north of Glasgow.

Marie Mare Way magic, Cambridgeshire. To enter the latest competition visit the readers' tips homepage -. Reuse this content.

Collington Winter Environmental

Here are some things you should always take into consideration when shooting in winter. The cool, clean air of winter makes it perfect for capturing landscapes, particularly when there's snow on the ground or a touch of fog in the air. However, shooting landscapes in winter comes with its own set of dangers so here are a few things for you to remember before heading out of your front door with your Nikon kit at the ready. Image by David Clapp. Tell a family member or friend where you're going and if possible, don't go alone. Make sure you write down where you're going as well as verbally telling them as people tend to forget. Having a route in-mind before you leave the house will not only mean you're not wondering round without a plan but people back home should be able to pin-point you more quickly if anything should happen.

Though he is no modern or contemporary artist, Hendrick Avercamp's prolific body of work in the 17th century influenced many artists capturing winter landscapes.

Winter landscape

Want to know how you can welcome the arrival of fall frosts with anticipation? Assemble a winter landscape that not only boasts beauty, but also demands a little attention. It will keep your green thumb happily busy as you cultivate winter plants and shrubs.Winter landscapes offer plenty of opportunities to bundle up and get out and garden. Stock your yard with winter plants to ensure a year-round outdoor show. These plants fill a winter landscape with color, textural interest and sculptural beauty. Some offer traits that are subtle; others have in-your-face attributes that command attention. Count on evergreens to provide the backbone to your winter landscape with their strong, steady color. In addition to evergreens, fill your winter landscape with eye-catching trees.

Nature: spotlight — Sesshu Toyo’s Winter Landscape

Winter can wreak havoc on lawns, particularly in regions of the country that experience snow and ice. If you live in a cool or cold winter climate, take these steps to protect your plants, trees, and shrubs from snow, ice, winds, and winter temperatures. Lawns and landscapes are vital components to creating healthy communities and maintaining strong personal health. Learn more.

However, broadleaf evergreens like holly also make an appearance during holiday festivities.

Winter landscape photos

Relict Forest in Samur 'Winter Rhaphsody'. Paintings,Karakhan S. Norman Vila. Winter landscape village oil painting.

Winter Landscape Paintings

Do you love being outdoors, or watching the world turn to a white winter wonderland? Are you fascinated with the first snow fall? If any of these ring true, you should consider landscapes with a winter scene as the main focus. First is what you are going to wear and what you can carry along. You need to choose your clothing for warmth; you should have a hat, gloves, scarf, a nice thick coat with quality lining, snow boots, flannel shirts and corduroy pants. This may sound like a lot but really cannot go out taking winter shots in your jeans and tennis shoes and expect to take the time needed for a good shot. You need to carry extra supplies for your camera, as well.Put what you can inside ziplock bags; it may be time consuming but it will keep the elements from attacking your gear.

10 Best Plants for Winter Landscapes · Ideas for Turning Yards Into Winter Scenes Worth Painting · Characteristics to Look For · Christmas Holly.

In pics: winter landscape of Afghanistan's first national park

For staff and visitor safety, capacity is limited and dining locations are closed. Plan for longer lines outside the Museum. Anselm Kiefer German. Not on view.

Beautiful Winter Landscape with Snow Covered Trees

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This is one of Plath's best poems; like most of her best work it is strongly influenced by other poets but she handles the imagery extremely well. The rhythm is extremely inconsistent to the point of wandering and the last line for me let's the poem down badly by being both anticlimactic and predictable. Born in to middle class parents in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, Sylvia Plath published her first poem at the age of eight. A sensitive person who tended to be a bit of a perfectionist she was what many would consider a model daughter and student - popular, a straight A student, always winning the best prizes. She won a scholarship to Smith College in and even then she had an enviable list of publications. While at Smith she wrote over four hundred poems.

This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author's life plus years or fewer. This work is in the public domain in the United States because it was published or registered with the U.

Moose Peterson: How to Photograph Winter Landscapes

All the iconic winter phenomena are here: the deeply blue moments, low and soft sunlight, heavy snow-loaded Spruce trees and frost everywhere.Rivers flow free of ice throughout the winter, and the special winter light and the silence are almost too overwhelming. The best winter photography sites are located in northern Finland, and Kuusamo especially is a wonderful choice. Words cannot begin to describe the magical snow-crowned forests found here. They are created when air lifts along the wooded hillsides and the moisture condensates as snow on the tree branches. This is a unique sight for any visitor! Trees themselves are unbelievable survivors and can bear up to 3 tons of snow load.

Winter Landscapes

As the frigid, single-digit temperatures and biting wind of recent days finally are giving way to the feeling-utterly-balmy 40s and the beginnings of melt — the inexorable winding into spring — take a long look and walk through the snow-covered landscape. A winter landscape, however, holds its own in wonder. It is a world that shows us the elemental forms of growth, conveys in its patterns how winds shape the world, gives off a scintillating light, and also possesses color that is pleasing, soothing, and subtle. So many have spoken of this wintry covering as if we are just waiting for it to be gone, when it asks for us to pause, look, and enjoy.